Completing this form and signing it commits your church to being a partner in the 2019 back2school outreach event. Your church commits to financial support to the success of this event understanding that all funds are used for the back2school event including purchase of items needed to accomplish our goal of impacting students for a new school year. This commitment is $20 per student cost, and your church agrees to uphold the standards shared via this commitment form. Payments are to be made in a timely manner and representatives are to attend all meetings.

Payments are due the 1st of every month based on the plan you choose  (dates are May, June and July) and completed payments in July.



Thank you for your partnership. We all are looking forward to 2019 being the best year of back2school. The leadership of this project is committed to helping your church to have the greatest impact that we possibly can as a team. We believe that success if strong as we follow a specified structure that you are asked to follow. You may add additional activities to your location, as will be discussed. However, the foundational structure is as follows: 

Before Event COMMITMENT: 

* Leadership from site will participate in each monthly planning meetings. 

* All back2school events will be held the same day, Saturday, August 4th 2018. 

* Each site commits to the registration dates and registration methods provided. 

* Volunteers from each site will participate in “pack the bus” or similar activities gathered the needed school supplies. 

* Help promote the back2school event and encourage others, churches, businesses and individuals, to partner with us. 

Day of the event COMMITMENT: 

* Tell the Story – Our partner Samaritan’s Feet and it’s founder, Manny Ohonme, has an inspirational story that empowers students to dream, accomplish the goals and to know that God cares for each student. 

* Provide for and do Foot-washing - This is the moment where lives are influenced, both students and volunteers. Each students is paired with a team members who washes the students’ feet, gives them a new pair of socks and shoes and prays with each student. 

* Giving a Backpack - Each student receives a backpack with various school supplies and miscellaneous items to prepare them for the school year ahead. 

Activities others have used are (please be creative): 

* Clothes closet - allow students to obtain clothing for their school year. 

* Haircuts - provide haircuts to students. 

* Other events have hosted - Sports workshops or camps, giveaways, fun activates in efforts to minister to more students. 

We Will HELP With Your Facility 

The back2school team will assist with developing a plan to help utilize your space to its fullest potential for the day of the event. Just ask! Lets talk! 

How Many Volunteers Will You Need?

Here is a rough estimate: 

* 150 Students = 30-40 Volunteers 

* 300 Students = 60-70 Volunteers 

* 500 Students = 90-100 Volunteers 

* 1000 Students = 150-200 Volunteers 

back2school Leadership is Responsible for and provide for each site: 

* Shoes (purchase and scheduled delivery of shoes) 

* Book bags (with your help packing them on a specific date) 

* Assistance with promotional information (website, Facebook, flyers, banners etc.) 

* Additional school supplies needed 

* Towels for foot washing 

* Documents needed for registration

back2school important dates for 2018 are these: 

* Day of the event – Saturday, August 4th 2018 (special needs day is Friday, August 3rd at specific locations) 

* Registration dates – Saturday, July 14th and Tuesday, July 24th 

* Pack the Bus weekend – July 20th through 20th 

* Packing Book packs – Tuesday, July 31st 


Each Church or Site is Responsible for: 

* Provide all supplies for foot washing (tubs, soap, etc…) 

* Maintain all registration data and providing correct data to back2school leadership 

* Participate in all back2school events 

* Prepare all nametag printing and organization for day of the event 


NOTE: For all new back2school partners there will be detailed assistance provided in each step of this incredible journey and a veteran volunteer of the back2school will assist you as you request before and during your event. Just ask! 

Please feel free to contact the Michael or any of our leaders with questions, ideas, solutions, requests, dreams, opportunities, problem solving, donations, dilemmas, praise reports, excitement and the like as we are excited to be partnering with each of you!!! 

Exciting days are ahead as we have chosen to partner in this great opportunity to influence students and prepare them for another success school year.

Primary Contact *
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Amount of Students Serving *
150 = $3,000 300= $6,000 500= $10,000